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Terms and Conditions

Stevens international will receive specified and inventoried: used personal effects, relocation items, business cargo, household goods, for shipping to/from usa to/from mexico.

This limited assignment of control is self canceling upon the pick up and delivery of my contents by stevens international. Bill of lading will be in effect until drop off at destination.

All new items to be processed as menaje used will be subject to new item sat shcp cbp duties taxes fees.stevens international agrees to provide shipping, transport and delivery; insurance to be at a specified value for total or partial loss fair market value usd with 1000 deductible …limited responsibility for cargo from pu address to delivery location.

This agreement is completely not refundable and cannot be cancelled booking once effectuated. We do not assume responsibility for any delays, inclement weather, acts of god, biohazard communicable contagion situations, civil unrest, transport delays, quarantines, logistics changes, seaport delays, maritime occurrences, terrorism, war, boycotts, economic sanctions, pandemic, civil unrest, criminal larceny or riots, as incidental, consequential or causory in nature. Plate glass, mirrors, chair legs, crystal, plaster, decorum and/or any wood that is sensitive to stress or climatological environmental changes, scuffs, dings and cracked wood, we do not ship/transport any: cash, foreign currency, any collectible one of kind items without the clients’ self standing independent insurance, precious gems, guns, armory, pharmaceutical drugs, narcotics, flammable liquids, oxidizers, acids, hazmat, jewelry, securities bonds stocks or other negotiable or non negotiable documents/instruments, genuine antiques or tender for shipment; we do agree to verify and provide proof of delivery by fax/email. Items in the event that the cargo is not delivered stevens intl assumes financial responsibility for stated used fmv/acv replacement cost thereof, subject to $1000.00 deductible for all occurrence to shipper.

It is understood that the shipper/client may self insure and self pack some of the household effects and that the packing and prep for the shipped items should be done in a careful, professional and proper manner. Furthermore if there are items which are damaged as a consequence of that improper packing we are not to be held responsible; or existent items which do require extra crating, care, boxing, handling those additional charges will be paid directly from client to service provider.

This agreement establishment in effect for usa pima county region jurisdiction, both shipper and consignee agree to perform as accorded in this document. Note: all customs, fiscal and legal responsibility of declaration of cargo is upon shipper-owner, any illegal contraband detected will be reported to both mexico and usa authorities and shall be subject to penalties, fines and additional charges in addition for fee shipping to client on mediation arbitration and/or judicial proceedings.

Any non payment or returned checks/rejected payment methods will incur a minimal fee of $500 usd and all billable storage, unloading fees, cross dock expenses and any legal fees due to the international logistics aspect of this operation.

In the event of mass robbery, abduction, inclement weather, riots and acts of god, floods and other natural disasters we do not assume responsibility; biohazard, pandemic, contagion.

Ferry age implies additional handling and logistical support and added risk uphill and uneven terrain, intermodal, incidental damage may occur. ***client or client’s agent agrees to be available throughout the transport for any potential police and or fiscal questions while en route to destination.

All related costs, permits and authorizations ferrage from closest point to the home to our trailer is the direct responsibility of the client, unless specifically mentioned in contract. Proper access to delivery site should be previously arranged by client, in the case of inadequate delivery conditions or circumstances storage will be arranged by us for a declared fee.

If any trussing, harnessing, balcony delivery, door removal, window removal or building modification is needed then additional fees will apply.

All secondary inspection fees are established cross border inspection additional company fees and are non negotiable and are generated by a secondary inspection by either fiscal or law enforcement authorities on either side of the border, these fees must be paid prior to final delivery.

It is understood that the fiscal and legal responsibility of cargo safety and chain of custody is shared by both customer (owner of cargo) and shipping provider (usa). By retaining stevens international llc you authorize stevens international to receive personal cargo for shipping from usa to/from mexico.

This limited assignment of control is self canceling upon the pick up and delivery of my contents by stevens international. Bill of lading will be in effect until drop off at location. Us dot 2516713.hhg authority compliant.

Rev/sept 2018

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