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Stevens International LLC, USA–Mexico Specialists is a fully licensed DOT HHG (household goods) carrier and is completely dedicated to all aspects of international moving and cross border transportation: Menaje de Casa specialists, VIP celebrity moving transfer relocation services, Paisano repatriations, expat removal, retiree relocation, second home, student moves, corporate transfers, DSC destination services, executive destination management, relocated maquila personnel, film/media production relocation, FFE industry shipping and simple cargo forwarding to any place in México or the USA, anytime.

Residential Moving Services - Stevens International

US Mexico Residential Moving Services - Stevens InternationalWe are committed to rendering attentive bicultural and bilingual processing, dynamic import/export customs clearance, supply-chain shipping solutions, export management, cross border warehousing, regulatory guidance, urgent product sourcing and special skills personnel procurement. We work closely with customs, consulates and embassies to ensure correct information is available. Special consideration is given to deportation, urgent and bereavement situations. We professionally offer the most up to date, proficient and specialized services to anyone involved in USA-Mexico cross border moving, living, shipping, transportation and trade. Please check out our customs and menaje de casa pages for detailed information and frequently asked questions on these processes.

We have successfully completed full service cross border moving services for: apartments, condos, large homes, partial moves, second homes, student living, expats, retirees, corporate employees, doctors, research, hobby, tools, sports, medical, artists, musicians, government employees, deportees, refugees, personal effects, inheritance, estates, and emergency relocations. We are in good standing with DOT, BBB A+ rating, AMSA and Profeco. We have the correct HHG (household goods) license requirements and are insured per USA DOT FMCSA transportation authority requirements. We specialize in USA to Mexico and Mexico to USA moving Menaje de Casa classification processing through the México Consulate and correct CBP entry/exit processing. Ease of move and project tips and recommendations provided continuously.

Se habla español, podemos atenderle rápidamente y servirle completamente en español.

We realize that international moving can be one of the most exciting, daunting and stressful tasks you will ever experience. Stevens International: The USA-Mexico Specialists will ease and simplify the entire international moving process. Many aspects of a smooth and efficient maneuver have to do with proper preparation and preemptive planning. All inventory lists, packing lists and customs paperwork must be completed and refined. The proper packaging and protective crating should be done in accordance with the contents. The logistics aspects need to be considered regarding where, when and how it is going to be delivered.

Although every international moving situation and every cross border relocation operation is different, our dedication to utmost due diligence, thoughtful cargo care, specialized handling, coordinated customs clearance and our exceptional transportation service is always a part of every move.

Stevens International LLC is so much more than just a moving company. We are based in Tucson, Arizona and operate as one company on both sides of the border. We will be there to guide and support you throughout all aspects of your international move. Our many years of experience in cross border maneuvers and our proven ability to adapt to our customer’s needs is a big part of our success. Call us anytime +1 (520) 331-9995.

Let our experience be your advantage.

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Hello all:Stevens International was wonderful to work with; they are very professional and efficient. I shipped a lot of books, high end electronics and modular furniture to Puerto Vallarta area from Seattle They provided a quote and contract and stuck to the agreed amounts. No surprises thank goodness. I found them through the Mexican Consulate and through Google. Hiring stevens Internatonal was very fortuitous for me and my family; I am very appreciative of the top quality service.

– Lourdes in Mexico 🙂

I used these guys and they were very professional they disclosed all fees and all the info we needed. I was very pleased and impressed that they came through on everything they promised. The company is Stevens International of Tucson, website for these guys stevensmx and tel is 3319995. I did my research and they are very reputable and honest. I agree with the other posts, nothing broken or missing. Good job muchachos.
– Paul Lewis in Veracruz

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