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Your Duty-Free Import of Household Goods to Mexico

What is menaje de casa?

Menaje de casa is a document filed through the Mexican consulate that covers household goods for a person moving to Mexico on a permanent or temporary basis. Items in the form should be for personal use and 6 months of age or older. The person using menaje de casa enjoys the benefit of not paying duties on the documented goods when they are shipped to Mexico; however, you must still pay the customs clearance, customs broker, and transportation cost. The duty savings on can be significant, and is highly recommended for first-time residential movers, and movers meeting other eligibility guidelines.

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What are the types of menaje de casa?

There are a few main types of menaje de casa: permanent import into Mexico, temporary import to Mexico (temporary residence), and Mexican national returning to Mexico. A permanent resident is a person coming to Mexico for an indefinite amount of time. A temporary residency is for a limited but renewable period of time; upon the conclusion of their stay in Mexico, temporary residents should return their goods back with them to their place of origin. This is largely a formality as most temporary residents reclassify as permanent, and both temporary and permanent residents are eligible for menaje de casa.

Mexican nationals returning to Mexico voluntarily or involuntarily have the unique advantage of being able to bring their essential work materials, tools and some equipment to Mexico as part of their duty-free belongings. The entry is classified as definitive, and the goods can stay in Mexico permanently. There are also provisions for clergy, diplomatic, and government types of menaje de casa. If you don’t qualify under these provisions, there are other classifications that can be used to facilitate your move to and from Mexico. We are experts in all types of menaje de casa.

What items does it cover, and how detailed should the list be?

All items should be 6 months of age or older and used. It includes furniture, clothing, linins, decorative items, home office items, garage items, patio, art supplies, personal musical instruments, art, books, bicycles, tools, pet items, computer and electronics, appliances, recreational items, statues, disabilities assistance and home medical care. Most forms are a few pages long, and some items can be grouped. We recommend professional assistance in correctly grouping your belongings.

What it Covers

Your menaje de casa list should include furniture, clothing, linins, decorative items, home office items, garage items, patio, art supplies, personal musical instruments, art, books, bicycles, tools, pet items, computer and electronics, appliances, recreational items, statues, disabilities assistance and home medical care

What items are not allowed?

Liquid propane gas tanks or containers, caustic acid or solvent chemicals, repetitive electronics, new label-on clothing, perfume or toiletries, new electronics, new appliances, new furniture, any registerable motor vehicles (e.g. scooter or motorcycle), large quantities of retail food items, taxidermy, one-of-a-kind high value antiques, tires, guns and ammunition, illegal pornographic material, commercial or industrial goods.

How long should it take to complete the forms?

We will provide our clients with an easy-to-complete form with sections for item number, quantity, description, make, model and serial number. Most households require around 2 sheets of paper. Items can be categorized and group together in an appropriate format; feel free to contact our office for guidance on completing your forms. The inventory list can be different than the inventory list required for customs; there should be a menaje list for consulate use, and a more detailed list for customs clearance.

How much does assistance cost to complete the forms?

Stevens International does not charge for menaje forms, but there are small fees for assistance in translation, correct grouping, and classification. Charges start at $40 and vary by household size.

When do the forms need to be submitted?

The menaje de casa documents should be submitted at the same time as your visa application for a temporary or permanent resident in most cases. Bear in mind that the permanent resident and temporary resident process must be completed in Mexico, not in the USA.

Should the forms be completed in Spanish?

The forms should be done in a Spanish and English format. If you use SI to prepare your documents, it comes in Spanish and English. Special note: Only the petitioner can process the application. No third party in most cases is allowed or eligible to process the menaje for you. You must go to the consulate in person, yourself.

How does professional assistance make a difference in completing the menaje de casa forms?

It will be more complete, and based on our years of experience, the format and categorization we use will be more conducive to an expedited customs clearance at the border. When we do the forms, everything will be correctly grouped and boxed for efficiency in space and time.

Let our experience be your advantage.

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I used these guys and they were very professional they disclosed all fees and all the info we needed. I was very pleased and impressed that they came through on everything they promised. The company is Stevens International of Tucson, website for these guys stevensmx and tel is 3319995. I did my research and they are very reputable and honest. I agree with the other posts, nothing broken or missing. Good job muchachos.
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