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Our international transportation and logistics services are streamlined and work as one company on both sides of the border. We have full truckload, LTL, hotshot, interlining, flatbed, heavy haul, construction industry cargo, film/tv, maquila, delicate load, liftgate service, VIP designated service, route service, courier, small truck delivery and car hauling services. 

We have DOT HHG household goods authority and cargo insurance. Our trucks can be loaded in the USA and travel through the border and on to the destination. Our drivers are top notch and have GPS tracking available for your safety and security. DSC services provided.

The dynamic and ever changing synchronicity of the border requires an adept, attentive and adaptable supply chain logistics provider. Stevens International LLC has the knowhow, preparation, patience and foresight to successfully provide this service.

We readily adapt to any transportation need: remote delivery, intermodal, sea, air, rail, land based truck and specialized trailer. We can procure crane service, forklift, skid steer, landoll, roll-off, piggyback, dump and heavy haul construction equipment. In past operations we have gladly assisted other transport companies in clearing the border and cross docking loads. We readily provide "Last Mile" delivery and can assist other freight providers with forwarding and delivery in Arizona  and Sonora.

Mexico cross-dock operation

The success of our cross border transportation and logistics is solidly based on our ample experience and our vast network of resources in both the USA and Mexico.

Our adaptive team effort, proactive logistics, transport strategies and specialized attention to detail is evident in all our operations. We proudly service all points in the USA and Mexico.