"Great service, reasonable pricing and professional."

Great service, reasonable pricing and professional. I shipped my cargo from USA border to Cancun and they assisted me with the necessary paperwork inspections and customs clearance. During customs inspection they noticed that I had not packed some of items correctly and they helped secure and protect the furniture with blankets wrap and cardboard. I am very happy with their service. Make sure to ask about their AARP discount.Wendy 🙂

"Delivery was quick and simple. I highly recommend them."

I also used stevens as a importer for my belongings and stuff from US to Mexico. They were very straight forward and to the point, they are very professional and on time. The moving part, overwhelming at first but they explained the process and how to pack everything. One important factor is to label everything especially electronics and fragile stuff so that they and the customs guys know how to handle. They recommended paying for wood crating $ and I took their advice, so glad/ everything arrived fine! The workers were local and knew of where to get extra boxes and packing materials I needed. My expectations were met, the customs crossing was very detailed inspection and took a bit of patience but they kept me in the loop and kept me posted. Delivery was quick and simple. I highly recommend them. Stevens International in Tucson Az. I was referred to them by a friend who also used them to ship his stuff across the border, he too was happy with them...Sunny side up#mex

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"Hello all:Stevens International was wonderful to work with; they are very professional and efficient. I shipped a lot of books, high end electronics and modular furniture to Puerto Vallarta area from Seattle They provided a quote and contract and stuck to the agreed amounts. No surprises thank goodness. I found them through the Mexican Consulate and through Google. Hiring stevens Internatonal was very fortuitous for me and my family; I am very appreciative of the top quality service."

- Lourdes in Mexico 🙂




Good service at a reasonable price, call them they are based in Tucson Ariz. They were very professional and on time. This company is very good at explaining the importation process into Mexico. I imported some commercial equipment and also sent my entire office from Oregon to Mexico, with no surprises or problems. I thank them for their work, job well done...





I used these guys and they were very professional they disclosed all fees and all the info we needed. I was very pleased and impressed that they came through on everything they promised. The company is Stevens International of Tucson, website for these guys stevensmx and tel is 3319995. I did my research and they are very reputable and honest. I agree with the other posts, nothing broken or missing. Good job muchachos.

- Paul Lewis in Veracruz



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