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USA-Mexico Special Services Offered

Urgent Transportation by AirStevens International LLC,  The USA–Mexico Specialists are completely dedicated to all aspects of cross border consulting for transportation, specialized moving, relocation services, corporate transfers, maquila expertise, mining industry shipping, attentive experienced consulting, dynamic import export customs clearance, supply chain shipping solutions, export management, cross border warehousing, regulatory guidance, product sourcing and service procurement. We provide the most up to date, proficient and specialized consulting services to our clients involved in USA-Mexico cross border operations and trade. In most cases market changes and monetary instability can be mitigated and averted with a dynamic action plan.

We offer full service QSR/RAB ISO9000-14000 quality standardization services. Our special services include internal quality audits and implementing conformity to established standards. We are resourceful, dynamic and are fully committed to assisting our clients in all aspects of international operations. Regulatory compliance and orientation with oversight agencies is one of our focused specialties. Feasibility plans and business plans are also part of our special services. Presentations with investors and business owners are common and encouraged. We have a legal services division called MXOLegal that can provide added casework and litigation support services. Notarial services are available.

We realize that every customer has different needs and every project has a unique set of circumstances; we readily provide each customer with customized dynamic solutions. The abundant, complex and vibrant USA-Mexico market has consistently expanded and grown, it is estimated to double in size in the next 10 years.

Let our ample experience and established resources be your advantage…

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