USA-Mexico Import/Export

We routinely work with our clients to perform due diligence checks in order to effectuate streamlined and efficient processing at the border.


Every cross-border operation is different. Every product requires a specialized and thoughtful approach prior to arriving at the border. We effectuate customs clearance by adequately preparing documentation, required permits, supply chain management, product safety, and most importantly, due diligence on both sides of the border. We operate as one company on both sides of the border; the same attention to detail is provided in each country and we tailor the information provided to inspection agents to expedite the clearance process.

Risk aversion is an integral part of every operation. We study and put in place safeguards to ensure the appropriate legal and safe transport of your products and commodities. We realize time and costs are of the essence, and we will make every effort to ensure the streamlined flow to and from the destination. Our experienced team will work hand and hand with your team so that we understand the necessities and the circumstances of your operation. We regularly approach both US CBP and Mexican customs SAT to ensure proper clearance and flow of goods and services. No job is too big or too small. We have served in all aspects of international trade between US and Mexico such as construction, maquila, household moving, corporate relocation, film and entertainment industry, high tech, manufacturing, lodging, FFE, and the hospitality industry. Let our vast experience be your advantage.

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