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USA to Mexico Customs: An Overview with Stevens International

Before arriving at the border crossing, Stevens International will review, verify, and if necessary correct any documentation or inventory lists we are using for customs declaration. Document review can take place on both the US exit and Mexico entry sides of the border. In some cases, US customs will stop transport, review documentation, and inspect cargo leaving the United States for contraband, unreported merchandise, and other banned items. Stevens international is very experienced in this process and will make every effort to conform to the correct processing and presentation of documents.

Documentation must be reviewed and prepared prior to arrival on the Mexican side of the border; once documentation has been submitted, it enters the Mexican customs system. Stevens international actively works with customers to work with any contingency that may happen on entry:

  • Explicitly avoiding any transportation or cross-border processing of firearms, ammunition, prohibited items, etc
  • Any dangerous or hazardous packaging and other types of handling risk that could interfere with inspection
  • Full inspections that require unloading and reloading the transportation vehicles

The Mexican customs services verification looks for several things:

  • Correct preparation of documentation by customs broker
  • The Mexican consulate menaje de casa documentation
  • Due diligence background check on importer/exporter transport record
  • Validity, accuracy, and veracity of cargo and items declared

At this point, your moving vehicle may be given the green light to proceed on to its destination, otherwise a secondary inspection may be ordered. This secondary inspection happens about half the time and can include breaking the vehicle seal and a full inspection of the contents. If you use Stevens International for your move, this secondary inspection is the one contingency cost you will see disclosed in your contract – it requires extra time, extra labor, maneuvering items so that your belongings are undamaged, offloading and reloading, opening items for inspection, due diligence, and our additional administrate costs.  

Once we clear the border inspection, we will proceed to transport your items to their destination. In most cases, we can proceed in the same truck. In route to destination there will be roadside inspection points. In most cases they look at the documentation for the truck and driver, as well as customs clearance documentation, and then make their assessment on allowing the vehicle proceed or submit the load for further, possibly additional secondary inspection. 

Moving Back to the United States from Mexico

For USA repatriation moves, upon leaving Mexico, the vehicle and the load are subject to roadside and possibly secondary inspections. Therefore, the documentation that we are presenting must adequately prepared and very precise. On the way up, checkpoints are looking for cabotage, contraband, misrepresentations, and ineligible items to be exported and imported.

Once you reach the border, Mexican customs will do an inspection of your load and documents to proceed with processing your “pedimento de exportacion” paperwork. Secondary inspection is also possible at this time. Upon clearing, the items in the vehicle are processed as items acquired abroad, US items taken for use abroad, or other classifications as apply (e.g. diplomatic, repairs, etc). US customs may choose to inspect the vehicle load further. Once customs clearance is done, your load will be taken for delivery – Stevens International will make every effort to make this delivery as efficient and quick as possible. We understand that our customers have busy schedules, and we strive to meet your needs and serve you the best way possible.

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The correct customs processing does not have to be scary, formidable, or a cause of anxiety. Using proper, professional preparation makes for an efficient experience. We at Stevens International look forward to serving you, and are ready to answer your calls and questions. There are no dumb questions on customs. We are here to help.

Customs Locks and Seals

There are specific locks and customs use seals that are used for supply chain security. This insures that there is a control of access throughout our operation in the transport of your goods. Throughout the years Stevens International has utilized specific seals and locks to ensure cargo safety, security, and due diligence. Any breaking or opening of the locks and seals on your shipment, generally for secondary inspection, will be documented, and every time and reason the shipment is opened will be recorded. We make every effort to protect your goods and to ensure the safe and efficient movement of cargo.

How long does customs clearance take?

Customs clearance takes a minimum of about 5 or 6 hours for the customs process. From there, depending on the flow of traffic, the quantity of traffic and the weather, delays and prolonged processing can occur. We will always keep our customers informed of delays and situations that arise.

Do I need to be present for customs when moving household goods?

No, by using Stevens International processing, the person declaring the household goods does not need to be present. Stevens International will act as the representative to ensure any questions will be answered and there is a viable stream of information on the customs process.

Special Notes:

When moving temperature sensitive items such as candles and toiletries and glass perfume bottles, important they are packaged appropriately when self-packing.

We have climate controlled conveyances available for your delicate and temperature sensitive items.

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