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About Us

Stevens International LLC, The USA-Mexico Specialists, est. 1957, we are a firm dedicated to assisting all those who engage in cross border operations, living, trade and commerce. We have ample experience in assisting clients with exporting, importing, shipping, moving and transporting. The abundant, complex and vibrant USA-Mexico market has consistently evolved, expanded and grown; it is estimated to double in size in the next 10 years. Our import and export services include coordinated, dynamic and adept customs clearance processing.

We realize that every customer has different needs and every project has a unique set of circumstances. We are fully committed to providing each customer with customized and dynamic solutions. From your dock to your destination we will provide the foresight and due diligence necessary to ensure the successful completion your objective. Our well established network of resources and contacts in both the USA and Mexico are a valuable part of our offerings. Our adaptive team effort, proactive strategies and specialized attention to detail is evident in all our operations. It is our purpose to consistently function, competently facilitate and efficiently operate on both sides of the border.

We simplify cross border customs clearance by proving clear, concise and correct information to our clients. Many times through our international consulting division we are asked to clarify and explain the fiscal and logistical process to our clients, suppliers and their trade partners in order to nurture and expand international commerce and trade activity. We offer full service QSR RAB ISO9000-14000 quality standardization services. Our offerings include internal quality audits and implementation assistance for conformity to established ISO9000 standards. We are resourceful,  dynamic and are fully committed to assisting our clients in all aspects of international operations.

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Our core belief is that we are here to present efficient cross border trade solutions, provide knowledgeable logistics and transportation services, establish well-organized customs clearance processing and consistently offer competent and resourceful international consulting services for all those who engage in USA-Mexico cross border life, activity, trade and commerce.

The logistical standards and practices process in establishing operational, cross border protocols and specific supply chain strategies is very important. Our teams consistently work with clients to develop strategies and adjust to the dynamic transactions of this international world. 

Let our experience be your advantage.