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Stevens International LLC, USA–Mexico Specialists is a fully licensed DOT carrier with HHG (household goods) authority and is fully committed to all aspects of international moving and efficient cross border transportation. Menaje de Casa specialists, intermodal, interlining, VIP celebrity moving, expat removal, corporate relocation service, intercompany transfers, Mexico paisano repatriation, DSC destination services, second home, student moves, industrial transfers, executive removal, destination management, maquila transfers, TV film media production relocation, FFE industry shipping and simple crate cargo forwarding. We are the Mexico relocation specialists; so much more than just a moving company.

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Our coordinated international and domestic transportation logistics services are streamlined to work as one company on both sides of the border. We specialize in USA-Mexico transportation and shipping. We have full truckload, LTL, FFE, hotshot, flatbed, heavy haul, maquila, delicate load, liftgate service, designated service, route service, courier, and time crucial delivery. We have full DOT HHG household goods authority and cargo insurance. Interlining and intermodal service is available. Our adaptive team effort, proactive logistics, transport strategies and specialized attention to detail is evident in all our operations. We proudly service all of the USA and Mexico; Canada services are now available.
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We facilitate the cross border customs clearance by proving clear, concise and correct information for our clients. Many times we are asked to clarify and explain the fiscal and logistical process to our clients, suppliers and their trade partners in order to foster and expand international commerce. The creative process in establishing functional and efficient operational cross border protocols and strategies are very important, we will work with our clients to develop and adapt to the dynamic transactions of this international world. We realize that every customer has different needs and every project has a unique set of circumstances. We will find a solution.

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Stevens International LLC, The USA-Mexico Specialists, est. 1957, a firm dedicated to assisting all those who engage in cross border operations, living, working, trade and commerce. We have ample experience in assisting clients with exporting, importing, shipping, moving and transporting. The abundant, complex and vibrant USA-Mexico market has consistently evolved, expanded and grown; it is estimated to double in size in the next 10 years. Our well established import and export services set in motion, dynamic, coordinated and expedient customs clearance processing. We strive to facilitate international business and operations.

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We provide complete door to door transport for relocation, moving, industrial operations, manufacturing, maquila, FFE, hospitality shipping and express delivery services.

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We simplify cross border customs clearance by providing clear, concise and correct information for our clients. Many times through our international consulting division we are asked to clarify and explain the fiscal and logistical process to our clients, suppliers and their trade partners in order to nurture and expand international commerce and trade activity. We continuously assist our clients to understand the special environment and unique aspects of Mexico trade.


We have worked construction, heavy industry, commercial, maquila, high tech, manufacturing, FFE, architects, designers, destination services, film and television, supply chain, wholesale and retail projects. We have assisted buyers, start ups and expanding businesses in all aspects of commerce, trade and cross border transportation.

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